Friday, June 17, 2005

Leagues of Infinity

Revolutions executed in space,
remembrance coming slowly
down from red stars in the
distant ether.

Planets swing upon invisible
suspension, cambering in as
the strings come
taut against the
mass of solar

Empires fade into dimness
with light centuries
behind and ahead
only new-created

What are we but the particles
spun up in our wakes,
the waves upon quiet
surfaces with our

What solar winds blow our sails
taut and propel us ever
outward into the barrens
of new-made

What strange matter do we use
to construct our starship,
frothing infinite waters,
leagues of infinity?


Stranger Ken said...

Now these really are tough questions, Firehawk, although where one goes for answers is an even tougher one, especially when we don't know how near or far the truth might be.
"It's not what you think it is and neither is it otherwise": Zen saying.

Bill said...

Duct Tape... I use duct tape.

Seriously great questions these... Things to ponder in the night as for me it seems clearer then.

Thanks, I enjoyed this on!

swiftboat said...


This talk of planets and how they're bound to stars:

"Planets swing upon invisible
suspension, cambering in as
the strings come
taut against the
mass of solar

Newton would have liked it, Einstein more so. Gravity. Oddly the most commonly experianced of the forces - as we heave our selves from bed each day - yet the least understood. Sure we can calculate the force but no explanation. The electromagnetic and atomic forces are all nicely bundeled together by quantum theory. But gravitation? Wow, it's a rogue force. You're wise question its nature.

Firehawk said...


Again, great comments. Thanks, and I appreciate your time and energy.

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