Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Encomium to the Queen

(or, She’s Like a Rainbow, if you prefer)

The beasts dance in unison
to the sound of her name,


beautiful seasons leap forward,
full-fledged with deep red and
orange roughs of leaves hung
garish on their necks under
moons larger than any moon
we’ve seen since the first days,


sudden whirlwinds of butterflies
careen in careless spirals across
the air with her coming, short lived
but happy for it, for they will never
live outside the bright heaven of
her light, the fragrance better than
perfume or honey upon the wind
when the tiniest of exhalations
passes her lips,


if a she exerts herself enough to
sweat, or feels enough to cry, or
is hurt enough to bleed, any
sanctified droplet will sprout
a riot of wildflowers upon the
heather where it falls,


she is all things to me, and also
nothing, for I have never seen
nor truly believed,


I have hoped, and hoped so
hard that the aching starts
in the roots of the big teeth
in the back of my mouth,


sometimes stopping but never
giving up,


I’ve been all the better for the
hoping, for hoping in the vague
directions of a perfect being always
adds up to more than letting on
that she doesn’t exist.


drthunder said...

You speak of longing that all must know. A very moving, heart felt piece.

Mushster said...

Oh wow. That is just ... beautiful! It really is.

Stranger Ken said...

The first three stanzas in particular take me back to a world I haven't believed in for decades. The Lady of Rivendell, perhaps?

Firehawk said...


Thanks. Have to keep myself occupied somehow.


Sometimes I don't beat my readers about the head and shoulders with negativity. Don't let it soften you up, though. I'll be back to grim n' gritty tomorrow, probably.


I was thinking "Queen Mab" at one moment, but I think I veered off and made her just a little more real in my own mind as the process went along. Galadriel would be a fitting object of such verses, though, or Helen. I faintly remember reading "Encomium to Helen" back in the old days, so that took it's part in the title. Then again, the old Stones song also played a role, as the subtitle will bear out.

Thanks, all, for coming over and saying hello.

Firehawk said...

Bad me. I keep making mistakes, then making mistakes in the concession speech to the previous mistake. I think my mind is going. Sorry, all.

Mushster said...

Me? Soften up? Nahhhhhh never ;)

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