Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Routes of Ascent Never Charted

These frailties, piled upon
the husks of our rice paper
shell, this unsteady barrier

and we gaze up at our own
personal mountains,

unchallenged, unscarred by pitons,
routes of ascent never charted,
ledges never yielding to the
tracery of bright rope,

for we have walked empty,
flat, darkened lands under
moonlight, insides withered
and dead, without the courage
to assail fate’s flat and remorseless

we, the slumped, despoiled remnant
of our own foiled intention,

we, the misshapen hulk that makes
mockery of all our younger aspirations,

we, the carrier of scars meant purely
to maim, but to leave alive and
suffering those legion who have
failed to dare.


drthunder said...

Good! Sounds like a challenge. Throw down the gauntlet, and see where it leads you. I like it.

Mushster said...

To not dare and escape unscathed we would miss so much but sometimes I wonder if the scars are worth it. Then again, they're supposed to be character-building aren't they lol.

Stranger Ken said...

You know what Bob Dylan said: There's no success like failure ...

swiftboat said...

I heard an interview with a rock climber today on the tube. He defined "fallure" and failure. In his book failure was allowing fear to overcome you and backing down. Fallure was pushing through the fear and agressivley persuing the route - which often results in a real fall. By this definition the experiance of fallure was more valuable than making it to the top. Thank god for colorfull climbing ropes!

This simply echos what Ken said with far fewer words - but hey, he's a poet. I do what I can.

Firehawk said...

Thanks, everyone, for coming over and commenting. Last week was a real crappy time for me, and I think that the poem caught a snapshot of me in the midst of trying to deal with some things. If I managed to speak to anything outside of my own bad mood, that counts as a plus.

I'm glad you all are around.

Mushster said...

Awww. Well we're glad you're around too and if it doesn't scare ya too much I'll even give you a hug lol.

Hugs for the crappy week and hope this one's better :)

Bill said...

You know my thoughts... nothing ventured, nothing gained... and if I'm not failing.. I'm not trying hard enough!!

Firehawk said...


Hug gladly accepted. Thanks. I'm trying to concentrate on keeping the crap from sticking to my fur.


Glad to see you back. I'll have to get in and read about your vacation exploits tomorrow. It's really true about, "nothing ventured, nothing gained," but sometimes, it's tough when you venture and, well, lose. I'm dusting myself off, though. The bastards can't keep me down for long.

Once more, thanks for everyone's thoughts and comments!

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