Sunday, September 04, 2005

Leaning into It

Relax now, the cyanide is starting
take effect now, the life inside,
all those things that hurt are
fading like the sounds of
shotguns on the higher
air fade when geese
are gone and
hunting is

Relax now, the hammer is falling
soon to ram the firing pin
forward into the primer
and detonate the
powder with a
roar, then

Relax now, for gravity is here and
its serene and constant law will
take care of you beautifully,
accelerating you at three
meters per second
squared in the
direction of
the earth.

Relax now, for the bombs are falling
fiery from the leaden sky of
October, their payload that
revelation spoken so often,
that cleansing fire to
unmake this place
and wash it clean,
removing all our
petty worries
and clannish

Relax now, for once things are irrevocable,
all tension is muted, all anger is foolish,
all dreaming is moot, and we
can sit back for the final
and wonderful ride
upon a derailing
roller coaster,
blessed with
a saint’s


Bill said...

Interesting cadence, I like the reverse indention...

It's a bit too dark, final even, until the last stanza.. where I found a sort of respite... somehow that translated in my brain to relax, it's all beyond our control really, we just need to keep moving forward.

Stranger Ken said...

If one cannot save the world, then one may as well savour it!

Mushster said...

Love it. Fits my mood at the moment and makes me think 'I wish' ...

Firehawk said...


It is a dark poem, but I like to think of it as at least a little graceful, a little serene when confronted by immovable obstacles. I suppose you could read it as a suicide piece, but I don't think of it that way. We do, as you say, just keep moving forward, doomed or not.


An excellent thought. If not saved, at least savored (or savoured...)


There are days like this. Sometimes weeks. Hope you're doing well otherwise, or will soon start doing well.

Thanks for coming over, folks.

Bill said...

I didn't read it so much as a suicide piece, but as one filled with dark resolve.

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