Friday, November 04, 2005

Name Withheld

Who are these men?

Pious and yet wicked,

Timid but merciless,

Everything acted in the
shoddy method of small
town stages, unpracticed
and somehow more galling
for their own poor preparation,

These unwholesome admixtures
of ill-gotten gain and the
wielded hammer of misplaced

These figures, no more real
than scarecrows, men stuffed
to the brimming with dead
things gone rank and awful
and their breath that heat
and stench of putrefaction,

These grinning, imbecile heads
beamed nightly into our houses
to mock and posture, to sicken
us after our evening meals,

And it is an empty gesture to
say unkind words of these men,
but that is, at least, a sin they
rarely seek to punish, though
who can say who occupies their
secret jails, their mass graves,
their nations of exile far removed,

And these are more reasons for
this hatred we blight ourselves with,
souls groaning under the weight of
our own impotent rage, the sky
painted permanent midnight in
a land we once held close as blood
but now hardly recognize.


Swiftboat said...

Who are these "men" indeed:

"Pious and yet wicked,

Timid but merciless".

It's the most apt discription I've seen yet. We've had prison abuse and now secret prisons. What's next? It's all very McCarthy like. They claim to do these things for our protection. But it causes fear and revultion around the world and in our hearts. These policies are imposible to justify and yet they continue. Even the efforts of John McCain to stop these abismul actions have been shunted aside. So you hit the nail square: these are little men driven only by greed, power, and their own tiny view of the world. That we tolerate their "leadership" has made many of us feel the country is no longer recognizable as American. This used to be a brave country.

Sorry for running on. Your previous post is impressive. Well beyond any comment I could conjer.

Bill said...

"Timid yet merciless"

Therein lies the rub I think. I too yearn for a time where our leaders are stronger than I am. Where I'd believe they understood the meaning and weight of battles between men. Fought of steel and flesh, not words and breath.

Another one that hits hard!

Firehawk said...


Thanks for "running on". Your comments are always welcomed. These are difficult days for many of us. It requires all a person's energy to rail against the system for all the things that we disagree with, and so often, it seems like so much wasted breath. I have to find solace in this: if they never hear my words or care, at least their sins have been called out in this one small corner, and they have given fuel to the burning man.


Good doctrine for leaders is, "Never ask your men to do anything you wouldn't do." You won't see many that could adhere to that ethos in high offices anymore. The highest virtue is valuing others higher than yourself, but these men fail at that test every time.

Thanks for writing in guys. I'm about to send my poetry in for a big poetry contest. I think my chances are pretty slim, but wish me luck anyway, huh?

Stranger Ken said...

I've never posted this poem, Firehawk, but it seems to me not too distant in its preoccupations from your own and, besides, I owe you one!

Blind Ambition

Where are the dirty seeds of blind ambition born?
What furtive metabolic change takes place
in childhood or before, to conceive in some, at least,
the bland and wooden face, the well-groomed mask
devoid of everything but lust and greed
for all the pretty gewgaws of the world,
but cloaked in cunning plastic courtesy
designed to hide the modern-machiavellian scars
by means of which they earn and come to know their place,
as hungry porkers do around the well-filled trough?
How is it that, like plague, they stride the world unchecked,
ruthless as rats, scattering their lying promises upon our lives
and smiling, smiling, smiling all the time,
as if they thought that we might wish to be their friends?

Mushster said...

Talk about timing lol. I was having a bit of a rant to someone just this morning about this type of thing.

Good luck with the competition. I don't think your chances are slim at all :)

Firehawk said...


Thanks! I certainly didn't mean to put you on the spot, but I suppose we compulsive poets have enough "ammo" that we can spend them as comments on other people's blogs, eh?

I do think there's a great amount of similarity between "Blind Ambition" and "Name Withheld"...even a sort of convention in the naming process. They sound almost like crime films, by the titles.

This one is angrier than average for you, Ken. I think your dislike for these plastic accumulators is clear, but also that wish to understand how they became the way they are.

I've considered these questions often. When you seem some old man who has literally hundreds of millions of dollars, an amount far beyond anything that his children or his children's children could spend, and he's still desperately clawing for more, it just boggles the mind.

Thanks a lot for coming by and honoring me with your poem. Cheers!

Firehawk said...


Thanks for coming over and wishing me well! I always like to make myself feel as if I have a chance in these things, but I'm aware of how hard it is to succeed. Obviously...I'm not famous yet!

Anyway, I'm glad you're back from your trip, and I hope you have an upturn in your happiness quotient soon.

BTW--that latest post is naughty!

Stranger Ken said...

My pleasure. The anger you mention is one of the reasons I've not posted this piece. Your poem provoked me a step too far,though!

Mushster said...

You're welcome and so is my next one hehe.

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