Friday, December 16, 2005

Dreams of Railroads


The deepest tremors

make all the dogs in town whine

this huge, diesel god

Dark, pulverized stone

lines the tracks and seeps outward

into dying grass

Cold air makes the fumes

from idling locomotives

fill the switching yard

Built, just as all things,

the crack and boom of cars as

they mate together

There is dignity

in these heavy iron wheels

undimmed by spray paint

The low and mournful

sound of the train whistle’s call

the herd passes on.

These iron remains

these tracks no train rumbles down

this gunmetal sky

This giveaway land

so flooded and overgrown

wading birds nest here


drthunder said...

Thanks once again for making me feel rewarded for coming to visit your Blog. Amazingly, today I find two new poems instead of one. Both have special meaning for me, but the Haikus are particularly intriguing ----- an Oriental format for the great iron horse ----- delightful.

MB said...

Strong images in the haiku, Firehawk. And the earlier piece seems an intriguing bit of theater, spinning a moment of reality from straw (to mix metaphors). It's nice to see you back at it, or at least posting again.

shyloh said...

Very nice.

Mushster said...

Once again, such imagery from so few words.

I got the same feeling as Moose with the previous piece.

Well done :)

Firehawk said...

Thanks, everyone, for coming by during the busy holiday season. It's appreciated.


I have no sense of propriety. I'll write haikus about porta-potties if the mood strikes.


Well, I managed to carve out a moment to try and write that day, which was surprising. Glad to be able to post something, and glad again that someone came to read it.


Thanks for your comment. I'm glad to see you here.


Well, it happened to be "write one, get one free" day at the keyboard, and...

Anyway, glad to see you.

Happy Holidays (if you celebrate anything at this time...if not, happy no special occassion).

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