Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Peripheral Considerations

The sky has become the
color of horses, and soon
will fall away, leaving us
naked to the clarity of the
void, naked to this night
of slumbering universes
and deities as yet unborn,
and if this were the method
by which we were nude,
unprotected by the clinging,
false seeming that we were
great and mighty on the earth,
perhaps there would be no
wars, but only a chill and
huddling mass of us,
so small upon the face of
a tiny stone spaceship
hurtling through the
uncaring night, our only
lamp the spun-down light
from stars now long
burned out.

The murmur of voices
comes to us from rooms
down the hall, rooms
often empty and echoing
in silence, but now alive
with the noises these strangers
make together, these
expressions on the face of
late afternoon, these
improvised dance steps
I imagine from my chair
but do not see, for these
voices occur on the
strange and thready
bandwidth of another
aspect of existence,
far away as Rubik’s
cubes with all their
sides in equality and
colorful abundance.

Animate winds play
upon the face of these
worlds beyond our
faster windows, sighing
in unison to the
somnolent concordance
of spirits slipped free
of their flesh, busy with
their peaceful acts of
revenge, busy with
the inexplicable process
of continuance and its
intractable difficulties,
until winds dream
themselves into unbeing,
powers fading, elements
of air losing all cohesion,
until there are no windows
and no worlds beyond,
but only a gap in the wall
from which we see nothing
but the far side of the
street, itself made indistinct
by distance, and rising fog,
and nightfall.

A flare upon the darkened
horizon, and thoughts of
great and dusty books full
of the fervent fantasies of
our ancestors flash within
the coiled adder behind
our eyes, hinting of lies
once believed and truths
so long denied, of movement
across the surface of
dusty lands and hunger,
but this flare is only the
stranger pausing to
light his cigarette, only
the momentary flicker of
his butane lighter and
the cherry-color afterimage
of tobacco kindling into
slow flame, and the
moment slides further
down to dusk, in no way
biblical, in no way laden
with these vast and
imagined payloads of


MB said...

Dream-like, surreal landscapes that emerge and disappear, like breathing in and breathing out. Is this what the interior of your mind is like, Firehawk? ;-)

drthunder said...

It's difficult to comtemplate what worlds we may see beyond our faster windows. I wonder. Are we humans capable of such perception.

Bill said...

I often ponder those dimensions that exist just beyond ours, that we can not perceive, nor can they, perceive ours...

"if this were the method
by which we were nude,
unprotected by the clinging,
false seeming that we were
great and mighty on the earth"

Powerful, true words my friend.. well done!!

I think we're supposed to ponder that which is just outside our range of perception... possibly to remain, just a bit humble....

Swiftboat said...

There are quite likely parrallel dimensions. The space seperating an electron and it's binding nuclius can be so vast. Perhaps there could be other stuff in between.

This one does capture a dreamlike wonder. I like the thought that there might be signals or energies we've not yet learned to detect.

voices occur on the
strange and thready
bandwidth of another
aspect of existence"

Mushster said...

Oh I love this. :)

Firehawk said...


That is what it looks like in my head, and that's on a good day. Sometimes, it a lot more scattered than that.


You saw the "slight return" of the faster windows, huh? We humans from earth probably aren't capbable, no.


These are the ideas that kept me out of the really good schools...


The idea that "solids" are still, on the atomic level, essentially comprised of giant, empty orbits of electrons beyond tiny nuclear does seem as if there could be infinite universes existing in a coterminous fashion. Glad you liked it.


Glad to see you around. Hope you're doing well, and that we'll see you updating your blog some day soon.

Jen said...

Your words are so beautiful - they show as a surreal filmstrip in my head. . .

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