Monday, March 27, 2006

Load Bearing Structures

Pulling even with the sun
we have gone further,
further than we thought,
and all these distances run
now weigh heavy

Skipping stones upon the wind
waves so salty on our tongues
and roiled spider shifting blue,
many times we’ve forced the grin
now weigh heavy

Unknown reaches underground
blackness seeps from stone,
limestone dreams of times undone
scraping boot step’s hollow sound
now weighs heavy

Barren desert’s endless plain
falling blue ‘neath lunar light
and heat still rising into night
lonely burden to stay sane
now weighs heavy

Skipping stones upon the sun
Pulling even with the wind
Barren reaches underground
Unknown desert’s endless plain

All these things, and we, great upon
the earth in our time,

They now weigh heavy,

And frailness creeps into
backs once so broad and
strong we could not conceive
of failure.


drthunder said...

"And frailness creeps into
backs once so broad and
strong we could not conceive
of failure." How well I understand these words, Firehawk. Seems as thoughyou are talking directly to me.

Bill said...

Ah man bro... I was pondering the hanges just this past weekend.. this one spoke to me as well... I took strength and vigor for granted when I had it every day... these days I'm thankful for the days I don't ache!!

Well done.

Firehawk said...


It's just "Glory is fleeting," in long form, but I tried to do the idea some justice.


The interesting thing is that we don't appreciate not aching until we have felt it day after day. We don't appreciate having boundless energy until we don't. I like to think it makes the good days better to know they don't come free, or come forever.

Thanks for commenting, guys.

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