Monday, April 17, 2006

Weather Eye

Cherry blossoms fell yesterday,
and today, snow, falling through
the chill air from a bleak and
featureless sky, winter’s last
dying, bitter gasp.

Sunburns and grass clippings
yesterday, and today, the long
dark sleeves of February return,
and beards now shorn are missed
for their warmth, and rear window
defrosters called out of retirement,
and bare feet deferred once again.

Set high the sails, and let these
mocking seasons push us in
the direction of the wind, and
though today may not be the day,
still, let tomorrow bring the thaw,
and the light, and dry pavement,
and let umbrellas spend dry months
closeted and without requite, and
let this deep gray urn of winter
rest quiet upon the mantle.


Bill said...

It has been a strange Spring... It was near 90 here over the weekend... in the 50's this afternoon... after starting off near 60 this morning...

Winter does indeed seem to try and reach out and grab hold this time of year, fortunately... it rarely succeeds!!

Welcome back!

MB said...

Firehawk, it sounds like you've been experiencing the same indecisive and uncertain Spring as we have up here. I enjoyed this piece. It expresses the readiness to move on even when the weather isn't quite.

drthunder said...

How delightful, and how appropriate. T'was sunny for the week end, and snow was on the tulips this morning.

Firehawk said...


I think that winter's finally spent itself out this time--after two good snow storms and a few nasty raining days this spring. It's still chilly, but the sun has returned. All the rivers here are at full bank, and threatening to take a few nearby houses downstream if the melt comes too quickly. Still, better than drought, in my book. I'm ready to put a coat of wax on my car, though.


Yep, weird weather. It was strange, this changable spring/winter/spring/winter progression. I hope it's done with.


That's the old saying: "A Utah spring is when snow fills up the tulips and cracks them off."

Thanks, everyone, for coming by.

Frann said...

Yes, I know... I am a little behind! Here it is July and I am just reading April posts. Forgive me?
........Spring takes it's first breaths. With this almighty heat, I am ready for autumn!

Take care sugar!

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