Wednesday, September 13, 2006

…As We Slouch Ever Outward into the Deepening Gyre…

Within the light-reach
of our lasers,
it is always the burning
season, all iron
molten, all
tiny air pockets
popping into
combustion with
red and yellow
tongues upon
the indelible,
unassailable dark.

Within the light-reach
of our lasers,
we will always
know how to
flex and feel the
muscle pop taut
against the skin,
and we will never
have to think or
forgive or
render an apology
or sink, finally,
to a knee.

Within the light-reach
of our lasers,
we will always
and be,
and rule,
proudly unlearn-ed
of those virtues
we do not
value, forever
perfect in our
own madness.


Mushster said...

Looks like I have a lot to catch up on. Good to see :)

WH said...

Hi Patrick,

I like your work. I am editor of Elegant Thorn Review and I would like to post some your work to my page. Please consider sending me a few poems (guidelines and contact info at the page).


William Harryman
Elegant Thorn Review

drthunder said...

I really enjoy this one, Firehawk. It makes me want to look at myself again to see if I can see what others see when they look at me.

MB said...

Makes me ponder what I am trying, consciously or unconsciously, to unlearn. Hm.

Firehawk said...


Glad to see you back over here. I have been plugging along, and a few of my recent posts have been fairly lengthy. Let me know if you get a chance to read through them!


I tried to get to the part of your page that gave the submission guidelines, but the link seemed to be broken, or that part of the page yet to be built. I'll try back again, but as of now, I can't get to the info I'd need to submit to your site. Thank you, in any case, for the offer. I'll try to take advantage of it at some point in the future.


I'm not absolutely certain I understand your comment, but the "enjoyed it" part, at least, is clear. Thanks for coming over.


Isn't it funny how unlearning can be so much more difficult than learning. I think that's why, as we get older, it gets more difficult to pick up new things. We not only have to learn the tasks at hand, we have to delete pre-existing formulae from our minds.

Well, again, it seems like I've hit a time when some of my regular readers aren't around. I'll hope for better next time.

I thank all of you who came around. Many happy returns.

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