Thursday, April 05, 2007

This is my 150th post on Hawkcircle!

Hey, everyone. Hope you are all well, and having a nice Spring (unless you're in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case, I hope you're having a lovely Fall.)

When I started this blog, mostly as a lark at first, I never expected that I'd still be at it, posting my 150th blog entry. I became hooked, however, and it's been a great ride. I hope it continues on for a long time to come.

To everyone who comes by and makes a comment now and then, please know that it's the comments that keep me going when I'd otherwise wander off and do something else. Thanks for your time.

You may have noticed that I changed my screen name from "Firehawk" to "Patrick M. Tracy" recently. The longer I blog, the less I'm worried about hiding behind made-up names and so forth. I also finally got on the ball and put my picture up, so you'll now be confronted by my odd visage at all my blogs. Joy, right?

In the last post, the secondary tag line said "First in a Haibun Cycle". I'm going to try something a little different here, in that I'm going to attempt to tell a story via haibun entries. These may not be every post, but they'll probably be a significant number of the posts over the next few months. I hope you like them, because you'll be getting a lot of them. I'll also collect them and post them on a page on my website in a choronological array, so that they're easier to read as a whole. Big plans...always big plans.

I've been rooting away at the computer, coming up with new additions and changes to my web arsenal. If you'd like to see how my evil empire has grown, go to Wolf Steel to check it out.

Well, it's my birthday tomorrow, and I plan to have new stuff out on Hawkcircle, but one never knows about these things. I'm working on a new project that I have high hopes for at the moment. Keep your ear to the rail, and I'll tell you more about it when it becomes a reality. For now, take it easy, and remember, you shouldn't try to eat something larger than your own head in one bite!


swiftboat said...

Hi Patrick,

I just wandered over to your writing blog an saw your tutorials on good writing. They're a great example of economy and clarity in the how-to genra. Fun to read too.

Didn't mind encountering your "odd visage" at all. It's good to see your face.

Rachel S. Barth said...

You're just as handsome as I remember! And happy belated birthday, dear Patrick!

Patrick M. Tracy said...


I'm glad you liked my writing articles. I've been enjoying posting them, though I've gotten a fairly small response lately. I guess people are not in a commenting mood at present. Ah, well. You have to keep moving and hope for the best.


Happy to see you over here. Thank you for your birthday wishes. The whole thing went fairly well. There was a minimum of weeping.

Sara said...

Mazeltov, and happy birthday, from a frequent happy lurker! :)

Patrick M. Tracy said...


Glad to hear from you. I'm always pleased to know that I have a few lurkers over here. It's been slim pickings lately for comments on my blogs, but now I can dream that there are hoards of wonderful people happily reading my posts (ah, self delusion, I love it so!).

In any case, please continue to lurk. If ever the mood strikes, feel free to comment, as well.

I visited your blog, BTW, and, well, you'll see my comment as it moves into your moderation area. Suffice it to say I was knocked over by the work you've put in. Makes me feel somewhat less proud about my paltry accomplishments.

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