Monday, October 08, 2007

Circular Breathing II

There's a cobweb on the wall
and I've been watching it for
weeks, thinking about it as
the television's noise and
light enter my mind, quickly
again entering oblivion,
becoming nothing, created
and destroyed in the moment
it takes to travel a circuit
and become a light wave and
diffract against reflective
walls, breaking up like
the nonsense syllables of
a madman's dying breath.

The dying breath of another
nonsense episode breaks up
against the walls, merely
wave diffraction, light
traveling in random orbits
destroyed before it can
create the pattern, damned
to the oblivion of the
theoretical, a moment of
noise and light from that
television song that we
know well but never watch
the show beyond, and that
cobweb still remains at
the periphery of the
screen, shaped like Idaho
on the western maps, were
it to be sharpened to meaner,
sharper points.

The point of all these sharpening
gestures against the western
wall at sunrise, all this shadow
play against the screen, can
only be grasped at the cobwebbed
periphery, the unknown but familiar
ringing in our ears, all these
imagined noises and lights within
the slow oblivion of this life,
hoping for patterns but finding
that all our hopes diffract against
the walls of our own consciousness,
breaking up somewhere between our
birthing cry and our dying breath.

Notes: You can find the original Circular Breathing poem HERE. Also, I'm still working on the next "Dust" piece. I'll post it as soon as it rises to the surface. Thanks for your patience, everybody!


drthunder said...

When you give us a poem like this, it certainly makes waiting for the next installment of Settled Dust easier. This is a fine piece of work, my friend.

_Soulless_ said...

Before reading the piece, I followed the link to the original, and noted your reply to the comments there, especially the one referring to the 'structure' or 'form' of the piece.

That said, I think that in THIS recent work, Circular Breathing II, you've upped the level of the game, my friend. *whistles* This is some mad-good sleight-of-hand with words. Ingenious craftsmanship. ^_^

Patrick M. Tracy said...


Thanks. I'm a little swamped at this moment. I'll get to Settled Dust again when the opportunity arises...


I'm so glad to see you back! I hope your move went well. Thanks much for the compliments. I hope I'm improving. If I were getting worse, I suppose that would be a bit of a bitter pill.

I'll have to come over and visit soon.

Thanks, all.

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