Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hesitant Tapping

In the silence
of a large group
gone quiet

we linger here
unknown and
unknowing, our
fingers grasping
at the edges of
things as we
move in darkness

space grows great
between us, like
the uninitiated man's
vision of another
land, far across
seas that he cannot
conceive crossing

and all small noises
all movements and
cleared throats,
all hesitant tapping
of a nervous and
itchy foot is like
thunder and marching
band music here

our spirits stifled
by what we have known
and all we have yet
to learn

and we are alone


Patrick M. Tracy



Anonymous said...

Your thoughts and skill continue to delight me. M

Paul Genesse said...

Awesome poem, well done, Pat.

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