Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Without Lessons

In the fields
of fire and

the two of us
lie down beside
the conflagration

of petals blown
on the wind

of cinders
riven from bushes
both burning
and burnt

of histories
unspoken and
without lessons

of people we
have not cared
to know

In the fields
of diamonds
and basalt

just one of us
against the
open vistas

of sharp, jagged
stone whistling
with the wind

of coarse dust
riven from
mountains both
bald and eroded

of stories we
have remembered

of wisdoms we
have failed to learn

Patrick M. Tracy



Anonymous said...

This left me wondering about the stones that I remembered wrongly, hence, the wisdom I've failed to learn. At my age, that certainly becomes a challenge. M

Anonymous said...

Some memories have to cure for decades before wisdom is attained. Perhaps some are never reconciled.


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