Sunday, August 12, 2012

Once So Mighty

The titan sags
slowly dragged
down to earth,

bloodied and
hollow eyed

defeated by
his own
coping mechanisms

all the strengths
that have served
him well for these
many years

turned against
him in the

all those times
when he could have
used the small
critiques that
people were
afraid to give

looming so large,
amplifying gravity
at his feet
drawing him
with brutal
inertia toward
his messy demise

the titan succumbs
his own weight
finally beyond his
ability to sustain,
the simple drawing
of breath a labor
beyond his grasp,

who was once so
mighty on the
earth, and whose
voice shook the
air and made others
tremble with his

Patrick M. Tracy



Anonymous said...

Strong feelings that seem to indicate an inevitable end. I wonder! M

Chrisito said...


Anonymous said...

I suppose we are all victims of our own coping mechanisms. A form of cruel irony I suppose. MT

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