Monday, May 15, 2017

Broken Unison

We have been dreaming in unison
but those dreams have fallen into
disrepair, eaten away by the
persistent rust of the many days here
on the salted plain.

Far beyond where we ever dreamed
we would go, further than we ought
to have traveled, we have yet to
find a suitable place to exist,
any palliative for the longing
we harbor within the dark and
stagnant reaches of our souls

And, to what end, these souls,
reaching into darkness and
further out to sea, beyond all
known harbors, rife with longing
for the ease of a simpler existence
unsuitable yet needy, wishing to be
found after long travels, scuffing
even further into the dreams
of that fabled beyond,

Beyond the plain of salt and the
days of rust, persisting in our
exit, alive and half consumed with
disrepair, plunging into fallen
lands of dreams, inharmonious and
out of unison with anything
we once were.

Patrick M. Tracy

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