Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Hellenic Sedoka

(Thanks, Ken)

The silver dollars
upon the eyes of dead men,
ready for the boatman's call.

Let us pay no more
penance than that, those two coins,
and cross the Styx unburdened.

Unto Hades now
the shades of us clinging fast
to only sweet memories.

For, bodyless and
unbound, we spirits in the
gloom may make Elysian fields.


Bill said...

Now this one, I think, ties perfectly to the last. As we make that final journey, what can we truly take from here? Memories if we're lucky, luckier still if those memories are of a life fulfilled not spent in attainment of material objects...

Stranger Ken said...

My very great pleasure, Firehawk, but you've taken the form on and given it an entirely new context, which seems to me to work superbly well. I also like the dark, mordant tone, just a personal preference rather than necessary to the form, but you fit the parts together very skilfully.

Firehawk said...


All you get to take with you are your experiences. I'd say that the best thing to do is to collect as many good experiences as possible before someone comes and shuts the lights out.


I thought about the silver coins on the eyes when I read your "Death" poem. That lead me to the boatman, then the rest of the Greek iconography. It seemed to mesh well with the rhythm of the Sedoka form. Like the Haiku, the Sedoka seems very flexible.

Thanks to both of you for your comments.

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