Thursday, August 24, 2006

Bonus Poems

I wrote these poems in the response boxes over on MB's blog, and thought that I should share them with the rest of you. They're both inspired from reading MB's poetry, so consider this a big "plug" for her "Find Me a Bluebird" site. Here goes:

We begin


and are forever
in the brilliant,
screaming darkness


wishing only that
perfect overlap
that deep connection
below the skin

that beloning

but we are bound
to this flesh
life-years damned

the same as the
portable tomb we

forever without
wishing inwards
wishing to enter
the sweet earth
of another but
held away

corporeal ghosts
wishing for worlds
intermingled and
wishing blind.

As the Ship Naglfar Passes

In this air,
they say, it's
a better thing
to crouch within
our houses, to
linger 'neath
these blankets,
to give in to
gravity and
dream fever
dreams upon
the sofa,

In this air,
they say,
every act,
every breath
taken in
fully, every
step of the
morning jog
is a coffin
nail, and
it's a cheap
and evil fate,
this fog and
haze above us,
this tint of
red upon the
weather chart,
this nightly
news warning,
this sign of
things to come.


MB said...

Thank you, Patrick. I have really enjoyed your bonus poems. I'm very appreciative that you've responded to my poems the way you have. And thanks for the "bonus plug."

Bill said...

As alway my friend, great stuff... you know I'm going to have to head over to MB's place and check it out!

drthunder said...

Well, Firefox. All of your poetry is a bonus for me, but thank you to MB for inspiring you to present your readers with a super bonus. I, too,will want to visit her blog.

Soulless said...

The first one seizes me with its profound elegance, nudging my thoughts into place, making me ponder on the bane of earthly existence. ^_^ As for the second one, loved the suspense, the beat and pause of every line -- perfect for monologues on stage (as an aside, if I were to choose a celebrity to read this poem aloud, I imagine Patrick Stewart's voice to be truly apt... *sheepish grin*)

Firehawk said...


Glad you like them. I felt that I was duty-bound to give you a big shout out, since these were very much responses to your work.


I encourage you to head over to MB's site. I think you'll find that there are some great poems over there.


It's "Firehawk", kid. Firefox is an airplane in a book, or it's a browser, or...

Anyway, you should give MB's site a try.


Glad to see you around, Soulless. I'm blushing from your comment, but will accept the praise nonetheless. I can only dream of having a voice so august as Patrick Stewart reading my work. Now, I will...

Thanks, everybody. Should have another one written here directly. Peace.

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