Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ramming Speed

I have lived these lives,
spoken these words,
brought these empty
worlds to ruin with
my madness, and
yet I still recall
what it is to be
a child, to have
mind and body
and spirit whole
and unruined,
to retain some
greater aspiration
than to gain, to
win and win
at any cost, to
crush them all
and leave none
who can ever grow
up to be fighting
men in my wake.

I have spent out these
shells, burned this time
away with rack and ruin,
shock and awe of my
arrival only half so tragic
as the echoing stillness and
woe of aftermath when
I move along to the next
awful adventure, but
within there is something,
some hope that there have
been purposes to all of
these massacres, reasons
for these slaughters,
miracles behind these
sins, for if all is just
as it seems, then I
am left, in my old age,
with only meanness
and a staggering lack of
compassion, and this
like so many other
things, I don’t choose
to accept, so I make
reality where I
find it lacking,
mold thought so that
it suits my purpose,
and, as always,
destroy what I
cannot subvert.


Swiftboat said...

This is too hot to touch. I love it.

PS, The mayor of SLC sounds like a pretty cool dude too - he has my vote.

Bobby-T said...

A warriors lamentation or perhaps paean. Triumphant yet remorseful musings of one who has warred on myriad planes. I must say that this piece engenders a candid self-evaluation for me, as well as a thoughtful analysis of mankind's evolving values. I must needs ponder this one.

drthunder said...

Oh my, but this is a powerful piece. Once again, you've managed to use a few words to trigger many levels of thought. This ia right up there amidsst my favorites.

Bill said...

It's beyond 'right up there' for me, this is now my favorite piece, hands down.

Powerful, powerful imagery in the words, the pace is awesome, as is the way you weave the old with the new...

"I make reality where I find it lacking, mold thought so that it suits my purpose"

That is indeed the place we all seem to be living these days, isn't it?

Great piece Patrick!

Firehawk said...

Thanks, everybody, for coming over. Glad you liked the piece. I'm never sure how a poem will turn out, or how it'll be recieved, but it seems like some of you relly felt this one. I'll see if I can't do just as well next time.

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