Thursday, January 11, 2007

In Miniature

I am full,

filled up

with these

small mutterings,

this wind,

these fans


this clock

as it runs

its circles

and spends

out the days,

I am full,

the low

singing of

Persian music

in the background,

of Sitar and Oud,

the high tone

of the fluorescent

lights above

in their


the sounds

of light evening

traffic, blunted

by the falling


I am full,

the world

without and

within enough

for living

this small life.


drthunder said...

enctneI am full,

the world

without and

within enough

for living

this small life.

Lovely. So few words that say so much! A beautiful way to put things into a realistic perspective.

MB said...

A miniature poem, like a miniature painting, containing an amazing amount. The short lines are very effective.

Firehawk said...


Glad you liked it.


Well, it seemed to call for short lines. I'll try whatever tactic seems interesting at the time. Glad you liked the compression of language here.

Thanks for coming over!

Rachel Barth said...

I like a couple of things about this poem. First off, after several readings it retains its secrets. There's a lotta story there which this poem simply keeps to itself. Nice!
Second, this mild, gentle tone is quite seductive to the reader. It draws one onward.
Last, for such a short poem it has a lot of interesting sounds or noises in it.

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