Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Cold Cathodes

I have seen the digital
artifacts at the corners
of all the faces in
my dreams

I have seen the whole
of our experience
ride, teeth set,
into the uncanny

Awake in the night,
I have peered at
my own blurred
afraid to put on
my glasses,

For fear that, in
my own face, I would
recognize the haze
and pixellation of
a computer-generated

For fear that, sometime
in the night, when
the servers are backed
up and virtual
computers are reallocated
to new machines,

I have become something
else, something
synthetic beneath the
flicker of my fluorescent
lights and cold cathodes.

That I am no longer
anything more than
a facsimile of what I

Patrick M. Tracy



Chrisito said...

Well Said, My friend! It made me sit back and think for a bit. As always, I enjoyed your work.

Anonymous said...

Hi nice site

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